You're basically an entrepreneur

Register for an LLC
Get an EIN
Open a bank account
Create a website
These were the steps that took me from unemployed to business owner.
Become an entrepreneur in a week. 
Done and done.
What I've come to learn over the past year and a half, is owning a business is MUCH more than the legalities on paper.
For one, as a solopreneur, there's an incredible amount of mastery you need to build in things you've never done before - website design, profit analysis, marketing, bookkeeping, graphic design, ad targeting, and so much more...
In year 2, I've realized a huge part of being successful lies in who you are.  An incredible amount of personal development, humility, vulnerability, and growth is necessary in your personal habits, your health, your mindsets, and essentially how you think.

Lately my time "working on my business" has been divided between actual tasks, and time spent working on myself - journaling, meditating, talking to close knit group of other business owners for accountability, reading/listening to podcasts, and wrestling with my own limitations.

 I've loved using the Insight Timer app!
As I reflect on how much I've "grown up" through this short journey already, it's easy to see how this translates to our parenting journey as well.
Get pregnant
Give birth
Feed baby
Get them to sleep through the night
These are the tasks we're told propel us into parenthood.  What we DON'T realize, is the tremendous amount of humility, vulnerability, personal development & growth that's asked of us as we embark on this endeavor.
I've never heard anyone say they wanted to become a parent to be challenged into becoming a better version of themselves.  But it is what ends up happening, if we choose to accept the lessons.
Parenthood absolutely challenges us, strengthens us, and shows us attributes we didn't know were true about ourselves (both good & bad).
But like business, a huge part of your experience of parenting lies in who you are & how you respond to the challenges.  Choosing to learn, grow, & ask for help, have the humility to admit when you're wrong & fall short, and seek out ways to know better & do better will benefit our kids 10x fold, as well as give us the ride of our lives.
Reflect on your own growth.  How has parenting changed you for the better?
Are you acknowledging how important this component is?  
You can read 25 parenting books and it still not translate well into your day-to-day because of your own unconscious limitations.
The time spent working on yourself as a parent is not time away from the important tasks of being hands-on with your kids, it's one of the most important investments of your time.
Give yourself credit.
Give yourself grace.
Do the work.
Keep going.
It's worth it.
Take a baby step today by spending 30 minutes leveling up your skills in the BIG emotions department - 
Honored to be "growing up" alongside you!


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