Calm BIG Emotions Course

Handle whatever they throw your way

A video training to get you through the most STRESSFUL moments of parenting!

Answering these ?'s & MORE...

-What's going on in their head?

-What are they really upset about?

-How do we speak their language?

-What NEEDS are unmet?

-How do we decode the messages to fix the real problem?

-How do we react in the moment (STEP-by-STEP) & WHY?

-The Difference between Time OUT + Time IN + what I recommend!

What you'll get:

  • 30-minute Video training
  • Workbook + Printable Poster
  • Clarity + Confidence!



If you watch this course and feel it doesn't add the value you were looking for or doesn't align with your parenting philosophies, contact me within 30 days and I'll give you your money back.

No questions asked!

What People Are Saying:

We have all been on overdrive and there have been some BIG emotions in our house which makes it very hard to nurture his big toddler feelings. Thankfully my sweet friend messaged me to check in when the trenches were feeling really deep a couple days ago. She mentioned a new course of hers and after how this weekend went I purchased it at 8pm last night & have listened to it twice already! If you can resonate with feeling this way with your littles I highly recommend you It's super affordable and short and sweet but even more it had SO many lightbulb moments while listening. We are eager to use these tools to help bring some calm back in our home life and no doubt it couldn't be a better time to learn how to navigate this season!

Amanda Rausch

$47.00 USD

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