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where defeated parents find validation, support + proven techniques to parent their strong-willed kids with composure, connection, confidence + cooperation



No guilt.

No shame.

No judgement.



You have a DEEP DESIRE to be a good parent.  You're parenting differently than you were parented and are surprised to find out just how HARD that really is!

You truly care about your kids and desperately want them to feel safe to come to you with any problem they face down the road.

You have been trying to learn how to coach them through their SKY HIGH emotions and keep your own in check...


You're parenting a tiny human whose behavior is (to put it NICELY) RELENTLESS + EXHAUSTING.

They have outbursts several times a day.  They defiantly yell NO back at you.  They argue or negotiate at every turn.

They can be super sweet, but can also be jealous, angry and downright mean.

They only seem to listen when you yell. 

You feel like you're failing them because of your temper.

You're defeated after investing in books, podcasts, and posts that don't translate to any change in the moment.

The more you research, the more confused you become and have more reasons to beat yourself up because now you *should* know what to do.

You're left walking on eggshells all day long, desperate not to set them off.

You know if you stay on this path any longer, your mental health will continue to deteriorate, your marriage will suffer, resentment will build against your kids, and you'll only have BIGGER problems to deal with down the road.


You've tried "being more patient"

You've tried "being consistent"

You've tried cracking down with timeouts and consequences...

And you've started giving up altogether.


(been there!)

But if you're anything like the families I work with and me - stuck or not - you KNOW better days are possible.

If you could just figure out how to parent them - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So, how do you do just that?

By upgrading your parenting toolkit and addressing each of the interconnected, critical components of your approach - their core needs, your composure, and your communication.

That's where you find CONNECTION, CLARITY + CONFIDENCE, and the pièce de résistance...


It's time to parent UNAPOLOGETICALLY.


Relatively UNBOTHERED by behavior that used to drive you CRAZY.

Dumping a bucket of "cold water" on an outburst rather than fanning their raging flames.

Feeling PROUD of what comes out of your mouth and how you show up.


Anticipating and PREVENTING behaviors before they start.

Letting feedback from others roll off your back, full of COMPASSION for yourself.

Investing in a FOUNDATION to build from for the rest of their childhood.


The UNAPOLOGETIC parent doesn't engage in power struggles. 

They know when to let things go and when to intervene.

They hold KIND + FIRM boundaries and "losing it" is the exception to the rule.


You deserve to be supported while breaking generational cycles.

I'd love to invite you to activate your inner unapologetic power.

Who am I?

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I was worried about the cost and that I wouldn't follow through with what I learned. 

I was battling it ALL with my strong-willed 4-year-old. Lots of yelling from both of us. No consistency on my end.

NOW- My sweet loving boy is coming back! He's offering me random kisses and "I love you mama" again.

I have been looking forward to the Zooms every week. 

We still have our hard moments but I'm able to breathe and re-group before losing my cool.

Everything that has come out of the last 11 weeks has been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. 

Our household is a completely different household than it was in September.

Being that $ was what really, really held me back at the time, you just have to look past that and know that you're investing in your future for years to come.

Danielle Bettmann


Danielle Bettmann

  • Early Childhood Development Expert
  • Teacher
  • Home Visitor
  • Mom of 2
  • Positive Discipline certified Parent Educator
  • Lover of Coffee + Sunshine
  • Host of the Failing Motherhood Podcast

 ...specializing in helping families find

SANITY & STRATEGIES for strong-willed kids (1-10).





For me this looked like...

  • getting blown away by how different my daughters could be
  • coming to terms with a temper I didn't know I had
  • not knowing how to get my 2nd to listen to very simple directions without a 0-60 reaction
  • struggling to figure out how to help my husband understand and implement the parenting tools I was learning without feeling like I was nagging
  • Learning the tools I needed to be okay when life was definitely NOT okay


My *special set of skills* are to give you permission to let go of what's holding you back, equip you with tools that work so you're confident + proud of your parenting, WITH support + accountability so your best intentions become your reality!

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This tight-knit group coaching experience is nothing short of transformational. We’ve seen every family enrolled shake their insecurity and boost their confidence, empower their child to thrive with positive control, and experience significantly more connection.

I'm so proud of my clients and I want the same for you!

So during our time together, we'll be working on:


1. Rethinking Discipline -

Parenting is an acquired skill, one that may take deconstructing + replacing conditioning of how you were parented to begin implementing the tools you're looking to master.

That's why we'll start by laying a new foundation of perspective + insight that'll be the glue for all the upcoming strategies to STICK and WORK.


2. Preventing + Eliminating Behaviors - 

The most influential moment is NOT the moment of discipline, but all the moments leading up to it.

The real work lies in establishing new routines and meeting your child's needs for attention + control positively + proactively, so the behaviors working to meet those needs disappear completely. Then, we make a plan for addressing what's left.


3. Treating Your Triggers - 

Mindset is one of the most underrated aspects of parenting that without addressing, knocks you down at your knees. 

You’ll be guided through a step-by-step process to gain awareness, deactivate, and override your biggest pain points, finding helpful thoughts + next steps to use in your most stressful moments.


4. Strengthening your Relationship with your Strong-Willed Child -

The rollercoaster you ride as a parent of a child with HIGH highs + LOW lows takes it’s toll, and often wedges a divide between you. It’s STRESSFUL!

Each week you’ll be able to relate to them in a new way through an analogy that allows you a window into their world. Practical scripts + tweaks to your approaches will allow you to feel 10X more connected - which is PRICELESS.


5. Mastering New Tools that Boost your Confidence -

Validating emotions and diffusing power struggles are delicate art forms. You need to troubleshoot and tweak your strategies based on the personality of your child and have support until you get your footing.

Throughout our time together, you’ll master finding playfulness over anger, encouragement over praise, how to offer true choices + consequences, as well as being KIND + FIRM at the SAME TIME.


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Here's how it works:


I want you to transform your relationship with your strong-willed child by cracking the code of their personality, and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.


You’ll receive: 


  • Short, actionable audio trainings - designed to pair game-changing insight with easy takeaways to implement right away
  • A Powerhouse Workbook - 100+ pages of cheat sheets, scripts, printables + more ready for you to implement right away, without ever having to find printer ink!
  • Weekly group LIVE Q + A calls - ask me any question under the sun + experience true validation + camaraderie, knowing you’re not alone
  • Belong to my exclusive community - listen to + mentor like-minded parents with their struggles + gain powerful new insight on your own 
  • Lifetime access to modules - as well as all future upgrades in the form of an “After Party” playlist
  • Accountability - your best intentions aren’t enough to design a new reality. I’ll be here to keep you on track, help when you get stuck and celebrate your WINS!

And of course, the sanity + solutions you need to parent your strong-willed child with WAY more patience.


All of these life-changing resources are ready for you right now.  


"1000% worth the investment.

I'm investing in my children's future and they're totally worth it."


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The Wholehearted Method


  • COMMUNICATION includes all of the ways you speak to your child that make up the delivery of your discipline and teaching over time.

I teach specific scripts grounded in Positive Discipline that allow you to be both KIND and FIRM in the same sentence.  


  • CORE NEEDS includes meeting and reinforcing your strong-willed child's perception of security, control, love + belonging.

It's often the missing piece of all other courses or programs out there. Power, attention, and control are their love languages.  This work improves behavior significantly without any discipline to speak of.


When you put those two together, you create CONNECTION with your child, because you're speaking to them in a language they understand, you're making them feel seen, known, and understood, and you're understanding their behavior in a language you can understand.

Connection is the foundation for an influential relationship over time.


  • COMPOSURE includes a parent's ability to process stress, rewire their mindset, and find ways to cope under pressure. 

This work is the prerequisite for all the others to take hold.  Sanity comes before strategies.


When you put Core needs + Composure together, you create CLARITY.  You finally realize and take control of what you can control and feel really damn good about it - so you can let all the little things go, not take them personally, and have the ability to truly create the relationship you desire with your child.


And when you combine Composure with Communication, you create CONFIDENCE.  You're armed with the toolkit you need to truly handle whatever your child throws your way.

Your self-concept is solidified and you stop using your child's behavior as your report card, relying on external validation to know how you're doing as a parent.

You're truly FREE.

If you've learned tips + tricks but they're inaccessible in the moment - this is the missing piece for you.


True COOPERATION isn't available without addressing each of these 3 components.

THEN and only THEN do you see your child's behavior change as a result.


The Wholehearted Method is a process of cultivating cooperation by taking control of what you can control as the parent, and it all trickles down and overflows to the ultimate outcome- ease, flow, peace, joy + cooperation.

NOT applying the Wholehearted Method means saying YES to...
  • Continuing to scavenge content from the whole internet in hopes of finding useful nuggets, never realizing what you're missing
  • Feeling insecure, inadequate, defeated, worried, anxious, or helpless
  • Feeling like your goals of enjoying a babysitter coming for date nights, running arrands, doing things just for yourself... will continue to be sabotaged
  • Perpetuating unrealistic expectations of yourself, your partner + your kids with no resolution to take the pressure off
  • Taking behavior personally or as an act of disrespect, building resentment between you + your child
  • Maintaining the definition of insanity, telling yourself tomorrow things will be different
  • Postponing your ability to enjoy more moments, memories + adventures as a family
  • Putting future life goals like homeschooling, moving abroad, or having another baby on the back burner (maybe for good) 


You are resourceful and will always have the opportunity to save or make more money down the road, but you'll NEVER get this time with your kids back.

The window of opportunity for early intervention quickens with every passing day.


Who do you desire to be 11 weeks from now?

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will help you...








Stick Figure



Growing Plant






Moon and Stars



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Prior to joining, my house was filled with aggression, defiance, back-talking, disrespect, and sibling rivalry.

Finances was the biggest reason I was hesitant to join.

NOW- I control MY response better, which in turn helps THEM stay more calm.  It was a huge eye-opener that I am very grateful for.

I really love CALM + KIND references. I use these a million times a day and my kids respond well to them.

I truly enjoy the feeling that I am really not alone and my kids aren't these terrible little people. We are in this together!  I REALLY love our group!


is for you if...

  • You're currently caring for¬†a strong-willed 1-10 -year-old.
  • You find yourself bribing, threatening + yelling more than you'd like.
  • You feel overwhelmed by their BIG emotions +¬†feel helpless or confused by how to react.
  • You¬†know the value of investing in yourself + have experienced the value of therapy or coaching in the past.
  • You've tried long enough on your own + know you need more than tips + tricks¬†to¬†make your intentions your reality
  • You¬†need to know you're not alone + will provide support to other parents inside the group.¬†

This group coaching program might not be for you if…

  • Your youngest is older than 8.
  • You're newly postpartum (sanity before strategies!)

It's definitely not for you if...

  • You're not ready to own your part + bring an open mind.
  • You¬†are going to bring a negative, judgmental vibe to the group.
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"Wow, do I really need this? Or can I figure this out on my own?"

I also had a new baby at the time and I thought, "I'm not going to be sleeping, how am I going to have the time to figure this out?"

But on the other hand, I have this four-year-old that was a sweet boy, and is now a monster.

I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what's going on.

NOW, I know.

NOW I have the tools. 

I know what my triggers are. I know what my kids' triggers are. I know the steps to take, the mindset I need to have and the perspective for both myself and my kids to know what they're dealing with and how we can move forward.

I know I'm in control now. 

I was seeing tendencies that I told myself I didn't want to be from my own personal childhood.  I knew that I could be better, and I just needed these steps to help me be better.

Now I have the tools and the confidence to do this the way I want to do it and how to achieve the end goal I want!



  • Significantly extend your patience.
  • Find clarity + confidence in your ability to use positive discipline strategies effectively.
  • Empower your strong-willed child to feel seen, known, + in-control in your home.
  • Find answers to behavior problems + share ideas with the support of the community of like-minded parents.
  • FINALLY be able to give yourself the grace you deserve!





You're invited to APPLY, Even if you...

  • Wonder if your strong-willed child is neurodivergent (it's even more critical to offer structure + support as well as be the calm to their storm if that's the case!)
  • Are just beginning your path of discovering into positive parenting
  • Have gone to therapy, read 10 parenting books and graduated from 3 other courses
  • Are ready to do the work alongside your partner or 100% alone
  • Your child's behavior is not really a problem or it's a HUGE problem


Dive into these RIGHT AWAY


  • PDF GUIDE: 5 Ways to Improve your Child's Behavior TODAY


  • Audio MASTERCLASS: Positive Discipline 101




  • PDF GUIDE: Decluttering Toys  
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My biggest hesitation to starting a group like this was honestly my own pride and admitting I needed help. Parenting is such a personal thing. I thought like, it was really kind of a shame to think I'm not doing this perfectly naturally, and that it's something I needed help with. 

For the longest time, it's kind of been just, like, "oh, everything's alright!" even though I knew that I needed help.

Now it's like, "okay, I have these proven things that I can use". 

And I have my list I can go back to if I need to, but just the community and encouragement and support has really been the best thing for me.



"The confidence you gain as a parent is ASTOUNDING."

- Annalise


You wouldn't have scrolled this far if you didn't feel this could truly help you.

If you're struggling now, you'll be struggling 3 months from now.

And if you're struggling... it's for a reason.

Not one parent has regretted the investment, but every single one wishes they would have done it sooner.

Would you spend this $ on a weekend getaway but not give your child the gift of a patient parent?

You can't live like this much longer.

You can have this money back in your bank account tomorrow. 

You cannot get this time with your child back.

The ripple effect of intervening now can prevent years of therapy down the road and directly affect their relationship with their kids.

 SO ..

...if you feel like you go back & forth between discipline strategies + none of them are really working...

...if your sanity seems to wane constantly and it's affecting your mental health + your marriage...

...if you struggle to stay calm + be the parent you want to be...






I was the person who listened to every kind of parenting podcast you can find trying to find all the answers.

But none of it made a difference.

None of it was sticking with me the way this course did - the way it was laid out week by week.

Building that knowledge and using the tools from one week before moving into the next week and the short audios, instead of hour-long videos that I couldn't find time to listen to...

those short audios, they were sweet and to the point and they made sense

Yeah, my kid does that.

Yeah, I do talk to my kid that way.

Yeah, that does make sense. I wouldn't want to be talking to you that

They all just clicked and then you move on to the next week and you build on
another tool and it just sticks with you.

It just is able to be implemented into your daily life. Plus, then being able to ask you when I was struggling... "What do I do?"

That's made such a difference for me.

-Valerie, 2022 graduate

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I wondered if this would be worth the money.  My husband wasn't on board.

We were fighting tantrums, fights with siblings for my attention, lack of patience and consistency from my side, and lack of confidence that I'm doing everything right.


Thanks to Danielle's scripts, specific tools, an abundance of examples from real life and input from other moms (what they struggle with, what works for them and what not)...

I feel a HUGE boost in my confidence as a parent.

It's easier to calm her down and she is not getting to that "no return" stage that often.

I'm much more calm and kind during times of big emotions.

Even my sister noticed how calm, confident I've become and how much more balanced my child is now.

I am not new to gentle parenting.

I was following other content creators on the topic for a while and trying to implement those tools in our family, but it seemed too hard and unrealistic to be consistent without having a base, a stable foundation and clear understanding that the Wholeheartedly CALM course gives.

Now everything makes so much more sense and is much more doable, and consistency is reachable.

SUPER GRATEFUL I decided to join this course - worth every penny I paid to see the real results in my family in less than one month.

Now my two older sisters who have 4 kids each are asking MY advice about parenting! 

"It's not something that's just dumped on your lap.

You're learning about each tool, why they work, how they work, and then implementing them before moving on to the next so it just becomes part of your daily life and your habits. 

You may not be perfect by the end of the course but it's knowledge that you're building on and keeping with you.

And yeah, that money is definitely worth it to have that relationship again with my son and to feel confident and capable as a mother."