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Danielle Bettmann

Parenting Coach for Strong-Willed Kids

Become the Calm, Confident Parent your Strong-Willed Child Needs


  • Work WITH the Way they're Wired
  • Master the Communication Tools Hostage Negotiators use
  • Stop Power Struggles + Meltdowns before they Start
  • Completely Transform your Relationships, your Days, your Child and your Home

When you've tried EVERYTHING else...

...You're ready for a BREAK THROUGH. Inside Wholeheartedly CALM, you'll find strategic tools, individualized feedback, a coach who knows your family, and a small group that GETS IT like no one IRL does.

You're not alone if...

You're walking on eggshells, never sure what's going to set off your child's BIG emotions.

Your days are filled with explosive meltdowns and constant negotiations.

Day after day, you're suffering silently with a short fuse, feeling like you're failing them.

You feel frustrated, confused, exhausted and at your wit's end.



In 3 Months or Less, You Could Have...


  • Peaceful mornings + playful bedtimes more days than not
  • Peace of mind + confidence in a full toolkit of scripts + strategies
  • Self-compassion, no longer letting criticism of your parenting get to you


  • A "new kid" that goes days without a meltdown
  • The support to fully integrate + implement everything you intend to 
  • A close relationship with your child for years to come


...the PEACE + JOY you've been missing out on for far too long. 🙏



1. She gets it.

As a parent of a strong-willed child herself, you won't find anyone else more validating or realistic than Danielle.

2. It's personal.

She goes deep with a small group of clients at a time, truly getting to know them and their families over months.

Her time is primarily spent face-to-face with clients rather than creating content for the masses.

3. It's strategic.

Every aspect of the insight + strategies shared speaks specifically to the dynamic and challenges of parenting a strong-willed child that does not respond to traditional or even positive/gentle parenting approaches.

 4. It's for the WHOLE family.

Danielle worked 1:1 with couples, both virtually and in their homes for years prior to creating the Wholehearted Method in 2021. While working with her, BOTH partners find the insight they need to create breakthroughs. 

When they hear the same thing at the same time and speak the same language ...their confidence soars!

Don't worry - single parents, solo parents, and all types of non-traditional families are welcomed with open arms. Plus, caretakers like an extended family member or a nanny are allowed access as well to create understanding and consistency across all environments.


Wholeheartedly CALM is an experienceIt's a safe space to be messy, honest and vulnerable in a way that makes long-term change possible.

What you put into something is what you get out of it. The more questions you're able to ask, the more progress you're able to make.


These are only a few of the many reasons to consider transforming your relationship with your strong-willed child inside Wholeheartedly CALM.

Watch the free training to learn more.

GREAT! It's even more critical to offer structure, new ways to communicate, and for you to have the extra tools and support to control and maintain your own composure through the HIGHS and LOWS of having a child with extra *SPICE*.

Many strong-willed children are deeply sensitive, have unique ways they see the world, sensory preferences, and strengths that will serve them their whole life.

Not every child that's strong-willed is neurodivergent, but many neurodivergent children are also strong-willed.

Whether your child has a diagnosis or not, you will likely find the incredible insight and strategies you're looking for here.

Of course, schedule a consultation to talk through your family's unique dynamics to gather all the info you need to feel confident you've found the right next step for your family.


Inside Wholeheartedly CALM

Jaclyn + Ryan

We started at 10 outbursts a week of at least 30 minutes or more.  Now we have about 3 and they are maybe 10 minutes. Parenting used to feel exhausting, overwhelming, confusing, impossible and so hard.

Now it feels much more fun and rewarding. I feel much more confident, calm, and consistent in knowing what to do and how to handle these big feelings.  I don't take them personally anymore and I can give myself grace.


My child is VERY strong-willed. We had constant power struggles and tantrums.

It's been refreshing to hear other parents' points of view and what they're going through. It made me feel understood and that I wasn't the only one having these issues.

I'm still not as patient as I want to be but I've definitely come a long way. All of it has been a game changer. I see more confidence in my child and a sense of calm.


Life is so much more peaceful!

My daughter's behavior was out of control. I really didn't know how to handle it.

I wanted to figure out a more positive way to help her behavior so she's not mad all the time and we're happier together.

This course has done it!
She doesn't say she's a bad girl anymore.


Make better days inevitable for your family! Schedule your FREE Consultation TODAY.



We were battling my strong-willed daughter all the time, managing meltdowns with a new baby at home.

Now I feel more relaxed. I feel closer to my older daughter again.

My husband and I are learning together and that really helps!


I have so much more confidence as a mom.  I definitely have more patience and understanding and my relationship with my child is stronger. 

He trusts me now.

I trust myself now! I didn't trust myself to know what to do before.

Tiffany + Brian

The most valuable pieces for us have been learning how to change our mindset, understanding the big picture of what is going on with our strong-willed child, learning scripts of what to say, and experiencing validation and brain-storming on the live calls.


Watch the 1-hr video training

Learn how to CONFIDENTLY Parent your Strong-Willed Child WITHOUT Threats + Bribes so you can Finally BREAK FREE of Power Struggles, Guilt + Self-Doubt



 ✅ How you know you're the parent of a strong-willed child

 ✅ 4 Misconceptions about parenting strong-willed kids that hold you back from the relationship + home you desire

 ✅ The 4 Critical Kind + Firm scripts that transform the way you communicate

 ✅ How to "Catch the Arsonist" so you eliminate behaviors at the root

 ✅ Ways to use an "Incident Report" to gain insight + unlock more patience


Get immediate access:



  • Mom of 2, Married for 14+ years
  • Early Childhood Development Expert
  • Certified Teacher
  • Positive Discipline-certified Parent Educator
  • Host of the Failing Motherhood Podcast


Tuesday, Sept 27th at 1:00 PM CENTRAL

Confidently parent your strong-willed child without caving in or dimming their spark so you can finally break free of power struggles, guilt + self-doubt!