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Danielle Bettmann has her bachelor's in Child Development + Education from Birth-Grade 3 with teaching certification. She taught Head Start, Early Head Start and was a home visitor for Save the Children for a program called Early Steps to School Success. She was also an in-home childcare provider alongside a colleague for a little while before leading a large mom's group.

She's certified as a Positive Discipline parent educator and has been working directly with parents locally and virtually now for 4 years with her own company. Her daughters are 10 and 9-years-old, and her 2nd daughter is as strong-willed as they come!

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Host of the Failing Motherhood Podcast

Over 100+ episodes published, globally ranking in the top 1.5% of all podcasts

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After becoming a parent myself with two girls 15 months apart, the textbooks no longer cut it.


  • I was blown away by how different my daughters' personalities were.
  • I couldn't get my 2nd to listen to anything without a 0-60 reaction.
  • I had to come to terms with a temper I didn't know I had.
  • I also struggled to help my husband understand and implement the tools I was learning without nagging/criticizing.

I began to compile the tools I was using to tame my triggers, speak in a way that got through to my daughter, and set us all up for success.

Now I've helped hundreds of parents...

  • Better understand their *spicy* child so they feel so much closer
  • Prevent meltdowns by creating routines that allow for positive outlets for control + attention
  • Get on the same page by committing to + investing in support together

Learn more about my approach below.

-  XO Danielle


Experience a no-obligation conversation with your goals in mind + how we can help make them your reality.

"Talking to Danielle always felt so reassuring, that I'd be able to go back in the next day feeling like I was doing the best I could do (and that it was enough!) rather than hearing this constant nagging voice in my head saying I was a bad mom or failing my children.""

Mom of 3

"If you feel like you’re on the struggle bus, Danielle will make you feel so understood and give you hope that parenting can be different. If you’re hesitant in the investment, parenting should be at the top of the list of investments! We only get one chance to raise our kids!"

Vanessa S
Mom of 2

"Danielle provides so many great resources to have and use, but the best thing about her coaching is that she listened to us. She took the problems that we having and immediately was able to help us put plans in place to handle the issues and point us to the direct resources we needed at the very moment we needed them. We now feel like we are able to understand our children in a way we couldn't quite grasp before."

Travis + Kara
Parents of 2

Danielle spent 3 years working 1:1 with families to develop the Wholehearted Method. 



Q's + A's

The Wholehearted Method


  • COMMUNICATION includes all of the ways you speak to your child that make up the delivery of your discipline and teaching over time.

I teach specific scripts grounded in Positive Discipline that allow you to be both KIND and FIRM in the same sentence.  


  • CORE NEEDS includes meeting and reinforcing your strong-willed child's perception of security, control, love + belonging.

It's often the missing piece of all other courses or programs out there. Power, attention, and control are their love languages.  This work improves behavior significantly without any discipline to speak of.


When you put those two together, you create CONNECTION with your child, because you're speaking to them in a language they understand, you're making them feel seen, known, and understood, and you're understanding their behavior in a language you can understand.

Connection is the foundation for an influential relationship over time.


  • COMPOSURE includes a parent's ability to process stress, rewire their mindset, and find ways to cope under pressure. 

This work is the prerequisite for all the others to take hold.  Sanity comes before strategies.


When you put Core needs + Composure together, you create CLARITY.  You finally realize and take control of what you can control and feel really damn good about it - so you can let all the little things go, not take them personally, and have the ability to truly create the relationship you desire with your child.


And when you combine Composure with Communication, you create CONFIDENCE.  You're armed with the toolkit you need to truly handle whatever your child throws your way.

Your self-concept is solidified and you stop using your child's behavior as your report card, relying on external validation to know how you're doing as a parent.

You're truly FREE.

If you've learned tips + tricks but they're inaccessible in the moment - this is the missing piece for you.


True COOPERATION isn't available without addressing each of these 3 components.

THEN and only THEN do you see your child's behavior change as a result.


The Wholehearted Method is a process of cultivating cooperation by taking control of what you can control as the parent, and it all trickles down and overflows to the ultimate outcome- ease, flow, peace, joy + cooperation.

My Wholehearted Method specifically equips parents of strong-willed kids with the tools to manage their composure, improve their communication and meet their child's core needs so they can improve their child's behavior, cultivate cooperation and find peace. 


There really isn't a way that *can't* work for you.


If there's a strategy I teaches that you try and you get a response you weren't expecting, you get to bring it back to me to tweak and trouble shoot.

The group coaching calls offer individualized support that enables you to truly integrate, implement, + sustain the mindset shifts, new habits and communication scripts for the long haul.

Every big principle or concept is boiled down to how you can apply it to your kid(s) at their age with the particular pain point you're struggling with. 


You get to practice the "recipe", make it your own, then step into a much more confident, empowered identity!

I believe respectful, positive parenting is best for kids. Behavior is communication and parenting is a relationship.

I will always advocate for positive reinforcement, natural consequences, cultivating confidence through independence, and most importantly the idea of "conscious parenting", which encourages a parent to grow in their awareness of their own emotional literacy and learn how to process their stress + triggers alongside their child.

I am certified as a Positive Discipline-certified parent educator, ascribing to the belief that "A Misbehaving Child is a Discouraged Child."

Overall, I uphold progress over perfection and celebrate the wins. I hold a mirror to reflect the good you are doing and constantly remind you of the ways you're impacting your family for years to come.

You are welcome to work with me as a single parent, the only one going through it from your family, or right alongside your partner.

You're invited to work with me if you...

  • Wonder if your strong-willed child is neurodivergent (it's even more critical to offer structure + support as well as be the calm to their storm if that's the case!)
  • Are just beginning your path of discovering into positive parenting
  • Have gone to therapy, read 10 parenting books and graduated with 3 other courses
  • Are ready to do the work alongside your partner or 100% alone
  • Your child's behavior is not really a problem or it's a HUGE problem



  • Communication: I ask the right questions, listen fiercely & teach concepts in clear & concise ways that make sense.

  • Positivity: I assume the best in every person & see the good in every situation.

  • Woo: I love the thrill of meeting new people & hearing their stories.

  • Ideation: I’m a creative brainstormer fascinated by fresh ideas & new perspectives.

  • Maximizer: Seeking efficiency, I strive to improve on something good so it reaches it’s full potential.


Please note that the topics listed below are an illustration of Danielle’s expertise. Keynotes and workshops can be tailored to ensure that your desired outcomes are achieved, taking into account your organization’s specific circumstances.

1) Surviving your Strong-Willed Child - How to transform your relationship by cracking the code of their personality

2) Parenting on the SAME PAGE - Ways to navigate the divide between parenting partners + why it's not happening for you YET

3) Managing BIG Emotions - Why they're happening, what to do in the moment, and how to prevent + eliminate them before they start!

For inquiries, email

[email protected]

Nancy D.

Danielle did a great job presenting to our group of young moms. She brings knowledge backed by research as well as practical ideas for parents with young children. Engaging, authentic, and smart!

So glad we invited her to share with our group.

Denise Kempnich

"We recently had Danielle lead a training on Positive Discipline for our staff. The training was packed with useful information that is practical in applying immediately when working with young children. The process of interacting through relationship building and communication using the tools that she shared with our staff was empowering and refreshing. During this challenging time, helping young children feel heard, safe and loved while in our care is a top priority for us.

After the training I heard from several staff members that they would have listened to Danielle for two more hours! What a great expression of appreciation towards a professional, knowledgeable and relatable instructor. We look forward to having Danielle return for more trainings in the future."

Hosts of This Might Get Uncomfortable

“Danielle brought such a depth of heart, vulnerability and practical parenting tips to our podcast. She is a breath of fresh air, getting to the core of real issues regarding family, mental health, work/life balance, personal resilience and allowing ourselves to be perfectly imperfect. Her unique perspectives on the reality of motherhood brought a lot of value and vigor to our podcast and we highly recommend Danielle as a guest!"

In 2021, Danielle joined Sara Olsher of Mighty + Bright to co-create a line of products for the Raising Resilience Program, a subscription equipping caregivers to cultivate mental health skills in their elementary-age children.



Tuesday, Sept 27th at 1:00 PM CENTRAL

Confidently parent your strong-willed child without caving in or dimming their spark so you can finally break free of power struggles, guilt + self-doubt!