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Who's the world's BEST mom?

"I wonder who's actually the BEST mom?" husband asked, after I had said something like, 'I know I'm not the world's best mom but I hope this is a good memory.'
He went on to say - "I wonder if like, God or whoever, revealed it- everyone would be surprised and be like, THAT was it? That's the best?"
And I thought for a minute before responding.  
Are there some overall "good practices" when it comes to parenting?
Are there some overall "no no's"?  
But is there one Gold Standard?
So I answered, "Well, it still depends on who that mom is parenting.  What's the "best" for one kid isn't the "best" for another, even a sibling."
Then I looked around the living room at the plants I'd collected.
I made the rookie mistake with my first few plants of buying them for looks without researching their care + maintenance first.
I had no idea what I was doing. 
No idea how often to water them.
No idea how much sun they needed...
So, I wasn't doing my BEST work as a plant mom.
But I learned.
The last few I picked up I read all about first.
I've made mental notes about how often they need to be watered, what it means when they're droopy or have brown leaves.  
I have them set up in the right spot in the room with the level of sun that's right for them.
That's exactly what each child needs.

A parent who gets to know their personality.

A parent willing to do some "research" to figure them out.

A parent that understands each child is unique and may need a different approach.

I am the parent my kids need because I keep doing that every day.
You are the parent your kids need if you do the same.
There is NO world's BEST mom.
Simply a whole lot of moms that are the right mom for their kid.
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