Creative Change Connect Play Activity Books

Okay, so you know how your littles are at home now more than ever, and you would love to do all the Pinterest things with them but get crazy overwhelmed and do NONE of them? 

Then you feel guilty that they’re falling behind?

Well get excited about Creative Change Connect Play Activity Books!

Courtney & Brittany created the 30 Days of Play Activity Books to help busy moms spend less time planning activities and more time actually playing and learning with their kids. Their activity books are designed for ages 2-6+. A new digital activity book is released the 1st of every month with a fun new theme! Most of their activities do NOT need to be printed and can be referenced from a phone, tablet or computer!


  • A ​Fun, NEW Theme - September’s is BACK TO SCHOOL
  • ​30 Day Play Calendar
  • ​​10+ Play and Learning Ideas 
  • ​​4+ Learning Worksheets
  • ​5+ Coloring Pages
  • ​5+ Book Recommendations
  • ​Weekly Family Date Nights
  • 2 Resources from Parenting Experts
  • ​and MORE!

 It is the BEST home school & at home learning supplement!

THEY DO ALL THE lesson planning, printable gathering, and modifying for you!

The best part? It’s only $9.99/month.  When you lock in that price, not only do you get a monthly 30 day plan, but....

  • ​Monthly Reading Lists + Coloring Pages
  • ​Weekly Family Date Nights
  • ​Library of Parenting Resources saved in the membership vault to reference
  • ​Shop Discounts -a monthly deal on a toy that would make your money right back! This month it’s $15 off a flexible roadtrack for cars.
  • ​Play + Learning by Age Guides
  • ​BONUS Activity Plan
  • ​Song + Nursery Rhyme Library
  • ​and MORE!!!!

I’m one of the parenting experts included with this month’s plan, and my video is on - 

"Rewriting your parenting mindset to have more compassion & grace for yourself & your kids in this pandemic"

The other expert is talking all about how to help your kids become adventurous eaters!


So I’ve saved my affiliate link for you to grab yours.  Go learn more and sign up for your activity plan today and feel like you are BEST MOM IN THE WORLD.


I SO wish this was around when my girls were little so I could just pull it up and have an activity ready to go to do with them when I had a minute!


Happy playing!


Get your 30 Days of Play Activity Book Today! 



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