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10 Things I've Learned to Be True of Parents of Strong-Willed Kids

Over the last almost 4 years of working with hundreds of families, I've learned a thing or two about parents of strong-willed kids.  (It takes one to know one!)

Consider this a Buzzfeed quiz of sorts, and report back with your answer of how many of these qualities you exhibit out of 10! 

#1 - They are persistent, dedicated, and resilient, which could be labeled as strong-willed themselves!

#2 - They often need permission to say no, permission to take a break, and permission to not do it all. 

#3 - They love their child more than anyone else, but deep down, they feel inadequate, fearing that someone else could or seems to handle their behavior better than them. 

#4 - They want incredible things for their child down the road, and are often tripped up by their fears of those values, aspirations, or environments being sabotaged in the future by the behavior they're seeing now.

#5 - They need reassurance that they have not created a monster. And there likely is nothing wrong with their child. 

#6 - Their sanity and their capacity have often been zapped by circumstances outside of their control, including but not limited to a recent move a new baby during the family, a career transition, lack of community or support, the experience of loneliness, pervasive loneliness, and an unrelenting mental load. 

#7 -  Their child's experience of well-being and capacity to be resilient, has often also been zapped by those circumstances outside of their control, including but not limited to- a recent move, a new sibling, changes in their caregivers or schedule with their caregivers, parental stress around them, and strain on their relationship, and life feeling all around confusing or out of their control. 

#8 -  They often don't know anyone that has a child like theirs. These parents feel incredibly shamed by others or even themselves. And when they turn to family problems are only exacerbated because they're trying to parent differently than they were parented. 

#9 - They often put every parenting decision under a microscope, because they care from what snack they feed their child, to the time they offer it, to how they praise them to how much screentime they watch. And they feel like they're always dropping the ball on something.

#10 - They wake up every single day ready to try again, despite all of these challenges, because the way they show up as a parent matters so much to them, they are desperately wanting to give their child the best version of themselves.

And this is the thing that sets them apart. 

So, hear me say, You are not the only one that feels like this.

if you resonate with any of these 10 things, you deserve to be supported if you are trying to break generational cycles. 

Wholeheartedly CALM will be HOME for you!



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