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  • Early childhood educator

  • Declutter-er Extraordinaire

  • Mama of 2

  • Married to high school sweetheart

  • #7 on the Enneagram

  • Coffee is my love language


  • Communication: I ask the right questions, listen fiercely & teach concepts in clear & concise ways that make sense.

  • Positivity: I assume the best in every person & see the good in every situation.

  • Woo: I love the challenge of meeting new people & hearing their stories.

  • Ideation: I’m a creative brainstormer fascinated by fresh ideas & new perspectives.

  • Maximizer: Seeking efficiency, I strive to improve on something good so it reaches it’s full potential.


Back in high school, when you’re told you’re supposed to figure out exactly what you want to be when you grow up… Who knows that then?! All I knew was I was good with kids. I was coaching gymnastics and working part time at a daycare and loved it.

I ended up attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for their Inclusive Early Childhood: Birth—Grade 3 teacher certification program. While I was there I got to spend a few years on the co-ed cheer team (humblebrag) GO BIG RED! And I really did begin to loose myself in discovering everything that went into creating the ideal environment for a child to thrive in and grow during the first few years of life. And how IMPORTANT it is!!!

Out of college, my first job was in a Head Start classroom with 17 wild and crazy 3 year olds. I was drastically unprepared. It really opened my eyes to how critical the interactions were in wiring them those first 3 years! So, the next year I transferred to Early Head Start, where I got to start with the tiniest babies and provide continuity of care until they graduated to preschool! It was thrilling to watch them grow before my eyes. It was during these years that I witnessed how much more influence the parents had over these little ones than any of us teachers ever had! So when our school began a partnership with a home-visiting program for families, I jumped at the chance to establish it!

It was an honor and a privilege to be welcomed into someone else’s home, every week, for years. The families I worked with during this time will forever be in my heart. The work wasn’t rewarding because of what I was bringing to the table, but because of the heart these families had in working to learn how to provide what was best for their children. The love they had for their kids was so evident, it was easy to meet them right there in it, and shed light on the things that would make a world of difference for that child’s development.

During those years I had my 2 girls one right after the other, and I quickly wondered how those parents ever listened to a word I had to say since I wasn’t a parent myself yet?! Drastically unprepared doesn’t even cut it this time- NOTHING prepares you for parenting. Even though those years were sleep-deprived and exhausting, nothing brought me more joy than watching my littles take on milestones for the first time. And the icing on the cake? When I actually was present enough to engage with them and make one of those “heart swell” memory moments. Though they seemed few and far between amidst the stress of life, they are intoxicating enough to keep you going.

My first big breath of fresh air came when I joined a mom’s group. I was skeptical since I had no real “mom friends” yet and didn’t really think I needed any since they’d probably be judge-y and full of granola, but boy was I wrong. When I had a meltdown, they brought meals. And for the first time I felt like I wasn’t alone. I felt like these women “got me” and I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. Two years later, I found myself leading this group of 80 women on Tuesday mornings, and once again I felt a purpose and calling much bigger than myself. I found strengths I didn’t know I had, and realized by influencing these moms, hundreds of children’s childhoods were flourishing.

Meanwhile, our family of 4 unexpectedly moved from a beautiful 1905 2 1/2 story home to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. Therefore, a necessary and thorough decluttering campaign commenced. Over 3 years later we are still reaping the rewards of LESS. As parents, we're overwhelmed enough - we need our environments to be working FOR us, not AGAINST us! So much freedom can be found as we realize how much our physical clutter literally represents our mental clutter, and greatly affects our mood.

So, that pretty much catches you up on me up until 2019- when I asked myself the big question: What do I really want to be when I grow up?

And the answer was clear- A parent coach / Mom coach / Family life coach / Home visitor / Family strategist? Okay, maybe not so clear… but I am convinced I was placed on this earth to encourage other parents & cheer them on in their goals of providing what’s best for their kids. We do not enter parenthood with a degree in understanding child development and an expert level of enlightenment. We are doing the best we can with what we have. And when we know better, we do better!

I think deep conversations are the best way to build new understanding, get on the same page, and make actionable changes for the future. While remaining wildly non-judgemental, I am uniquely skilled to help TRANSLATE spouse-to-spouse or kids-to-parents to help everyone feel heard & understood.  90% of your child's brain is wired by the time they turn 6.  When their core needs are met, they THRIVE.

And a generation of thriving kids could...


Allow me to come alongside you, equip you with the tools you need, and cheer you on as you go!



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