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Danielle Bettmann is an early childhood development educator, parenting coach and founder of Wholeheartedly. Her business supports families with strong-willed toddlers and unbalanced parenting dynamics find strategies for a connected home.

Mom to two young girls, Danielle offers a blend of lived experience and educational training. She helps parents extend their patience, rewire their parenting mindset and write a Family Business Plan to foster empathy, belonging and resilience in both children and their parents.

Danielle also hosts the Failing Motherhood podcast, aiming to normalize the struggle and share vulnerable stories.


In 2021, Danielle joined Sara Olsher of Mighty + Bright to create Kids' Mental Health at Home, a subscription equipping caregivers to cultivate mental health skills in their elementary-age children.

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"Talking to Danielle always felt so reassuring, that I'd be able to go back in the next day feeling like I was doing the best I could do (and that it was enough!) rather than hearing this constant nagging voice in my head saying I was a bad mom or failing my children.""

Mom of 3

"If you feel like you’re on the struggle bus, Danielle will make you feel so understood and give you hope that parenting can be different. If you’re hesitant in the investment, parenting should be at the top of the list of investments! We only get one chance to raise our kids!"

Vanessa S
Mom of 2

"Danielle provides so many great resources to have and use, but the best thing about her coaching is that she listened to us. She took the problems that we having and immediately was able to help us put plans in place to handle the issues and point us to the direct resources we needed at the very moment we needed them. We now feel like we are able to understand our children in a way we couldn't quite grasp before."

Travis + Kara
Parents of 2


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